Processing Setup


Sheet Extrusion & In-Line Thermoforming Process


 Processing Parameter Units Typical Setting
Barrel Temperature    
   Feed Zone °F* 400-420
   Compression Zone °F 410-430
   Metering Zone °F 430-450
Adapter and Screen Changer ° 430-440
Die Temperature ° 450-480
Melt Temperature  ° 440-475
Chill Rolls  
   Top (T)  ° 150-160
   Center (C)  ° 160-175 
   Bottom (B)  ° 140-150
   Top Heater  ° 400-430 
   Bottom Heater  ° 400-435 
   Forming Temperature  ° 300-310 

* To convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius (Temp°F-32)/1.8 = Temp°C


Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Parameter  Units Typical Setting
Melt Temperature °F  450-460
   Nozzle  °F  440-450
   Adapter  °F  450-460
   Front  °F  450-470 
   Middle  °F  440-460 
   Rear  °F  430-450 
Hot Runner/Manifold Temperature  °F  380-420 
First or Boost Stage Injection     
   Time  sec  5-10 (less for smaller parts) 
   Pressure  psi  1,200-2.000 (max) 
Fill Speed:        
   First 10% of Shot  in/sec  1.5 
   Next 70% of Shot  in/sec  2.3 
   Last 20% of Shot  in/sec  1.2 
Packing Stage Time  sec  4-8 
Second or Hold Stage Injection     
   Time (with a packing stage)  sec  6-11 
   Time (without a packing stage)  sec  9-15 
   Pressure  psi  60% of max inj. pressure 
Cushion  in  0.25-0.50 (dependent on shot size) 
Screw Speed  rpm  60-100
Back Pressure  psi  50-200 
Mold Temperature  °F  70-120 (actual surface pyrometer reading) 
Clamp Pressure  tons/in2  2.2 (a) 
Drying Conditions    usually not required 
Purging Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or standard purging compund 

 (a) 2.2 tons/in2 of projected mold area. This is dependant on wall thickness, flow distance and flow direction changes.


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